Multi-Trades Technology Services

WETA SYSTEMS – New Zealand. Technology Provider

At Weta Systems Auckland we are your local, #1 technology provider. With todays’ technology everything is interconnected via network systems, cloud integrations and linked processes. Integrating a new system or process can have disastrous  or crippling effects on other systems/processes if they are both not configured to work together.

As a multi services technology company we can adapt and implement these technologies with minimal disruption. This removes the need to employ multiple parties to look after different sectors of your organisation. It allows us to better understand your organisation and help make progressive and sustainable decisions.

Recent Projects

School Security Cameras

We have seen a rise in schools upgrading their security systems and cameras. This particular school had their iPads/Computers stolen twice in one year, which prompted a need for reliable security. The cameras are triggered by motion and can be remotely monitored on a smartphone/computer anywhere, anytime.

Website Online Store Development

Juicy Puff is a new and upcoming e-cigarette business. They offer a variety of vaporizers and custom flavours made in New Zealand. Our team of web designers and developers created a unique and easy to use online store that is attractive and functional for the end user. All orders are linked to an automated courier ordering system making it seamless from order to delivery.

Solar CCTV – Body Corp Job

After numerous breaks in and trespassing on a private community, we were approached to come up with a solution to provide security cameras that didn’t require digging or expensive cabling for power. We came up with a custom solar system that can stay powered for 2 weeks without sunlight. The system can be accessed via a WiFi access point and footage is only recorded when motion is detected.