4G Wireless Broadband

Our 4G Wireless Broadband is perfect for areas with poor ADSL connection or no provisional wiring.

4G Wireless Broadband

4G Wireless Broadband is the easiest way for you  to get connected without any provisional wiring or technicians coming in to set it up. Just plug in and start surfing.

Rural Broadband Connection

Combined with our range and signal extenders we can get 4G Broadband in most rural areas within New Zealand. Perfect for running a business, entertainment, Netflix and more!

Static IP

Static IPs are important for business owners or residential users who rely on a stable way to access their network outside of their premise. A Static IP is a fixed IP Address for your network.

CCTV Security Cameras

We have options available to allow you to remote monitor your CCTV Security Camera system on a 4G Wireless Broadband plan.

60GB - Unlimited

Depending on your requirements we can provide a plan that suits you and your usage. From 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and Unlimited data plans we have you sorted.

Multi Room Coverage

Combine your 4G Broadband with our Mesh Network System and get maximum signal strength and speeds that cover your whole building. No Dead Spots, No Loss of WiFi Connection.